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== Mechanical ==
== Mechanical ==
* [Protothyping and Construction Materials]
* [[Protothyping and Construction Materials]]
* Spur, Bevel and Worm Gears
* Spur, Bevel and Worm Gears
* Servos, Stepper and DC Motors
* Servos, Stepper and DC Motors

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Every Robot

We provide easy and affordable technologies for robot innovators, designers and constructors.



  • PCB Prototyping
  • Rotation Angle Sensors
  • DC Motos Controllers
  • ADC Converters
  • PWM Generators
  • Current Sensors
  • Cameras


  • Arduino Uno/Mega
  • Arduino Zero
  • STM Nucleo Series
  • STM32F04

Main Controllers

  • RaspberryPi
  • Intel/Amd x86 platform
  • Virtualisation Platforms for Developers

Robot Operating System

  • RosSerial
  • RosControl
  • FlexBe
  • Moveit
  • Machine Learning

About Us

We are group of innovators, who want to change the World! Formally, we are gathered under Alfabet Foundation Registered in Poland.

You can join us or contact us via email: robotics@onet.pl or Phone/Whatsapp/Telegram: +48691518395